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Was diagnosed with tennis elbow in my right arm. Went to 9 sessions of physical therapy which would work and then come back. After a month of being unable to use my right hand and arm I agreed to a cortisone injection which showed me how much pain I had as all the pain went away. One week later the pain slowly came back. I was referred to RUYI acupuncture, never have done this before, I was skeptical about this. I just finished my third session here and all I can say is amazing as far as pain management. Slowly but surely the pain is going away and I am able to slowly get back to an active lifestyle. After the treatment for tennis elbow I may come back for future ailments as I can feel the results. Amazing holistic approach to pain management that really works for me. Great things to say about this place. Why live in pain, try it and see. It’s worth it. Louie has a great approach and technique explaining what he is looking for and very thorough. Not just an in and out place but somewhere where they actually care about your welfare. Again, high praises.

A. Chan

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